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Precious Pets Paradise ( ) has been offering unique pet products since 1996. A family owned business with a main goal of providing quality, superior pet products. Our products will fit all your elegant, stylish, chic and luxurious pet product needs! You have come to the right place for one of a kind gift ideas for your pet or your friends’ pets. On our site you will enjoy selecting from a complete line of dog and cat items ranging from pet beds, bowls and feeders, pet carriers, pet car seats, pet strollers, dining stations, jewelry, furniture, gift ideas, grooming tables, enclosures and on and on and on!Kuranda Dog Bed Slip Cover take the comfort of your dog’s Kuranda Dog Bed to a whole new level! This Kuranda Dog Bed Slip Cover is crafted from plush suede material with a contrasting piping creating a beautiful finished look. The Kuranda Slip Cover includes a free orthopedic padded insert for additional comfort and support. Both the Kuranda Dog Bed Sli Cover as well as the pad are easily machine washed. The Kuranda Dog Bed Slip Cover is for use with the Standard/PVC Chew Proof Dog Bed and the Aluminum Dog Bed.
Kuranda Dog Bed Slip CoversKuranda Classic Cot Dog Bed features square aluminum legs with coated steel tubes for the side members which makes this frame extremely sturdy. The fabric panels wrap around the steel tubes, making this bed ideal for dogs that are Not prone to chewing. The Classic Cot Dog Bed by Kuranda utilizes the same high strength, abrasion resistant fabrics as the standard and aluminum Kuranda Dog Bed. Stainless steel fasteners add to the strength and corrosion resistance. The steel and aluminum frame is strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant.
Kuranda Classic Cot Dog Bed
Cordura has the feel and texture of traditional canvas but with a great deal more durability (abrasion resistant high-denier nylon, to be exact). This fabric has a waterproof coating (so it will puddle if it is rained on), and doesn’t breathe as the Vinyl Weave does. It is about twice as durable as the vinyl weave so it stands up to the most rigorous use. Ideal for older dogs as it provides plenty of traction when entering or exiting the dog bed. Highly recommended for dogs that suffer from sensitive skin or allergies.Vinyl Weave perfect for outdoor use, the open waterproof weave allows air and water to flow through, helping your dog stay cool and dry. Because of the open air design, this fabric is excluded from the manufacturer’s warranty. This fabric is most useful for “water dogs” and outdoor use. It does provide a cooler surface for your pet but is the least durable of all fabrics and is Not recommended for jumping, rough housers!

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